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Fannie Mae Parking FAQs

With the conversion of the Fannie Mae Parking facilities into a managed parking system, we have put together some frequently asked questions to make this transition easier for all parties involved.

Who is Colonial Parking®?
Colonial Parking is the parking management company contracted by Fannie Mae to assist in the administration and enforcement of Fannie Mae’s parking policies and procedures.

What is happening?
Starting May 1, 2015, Fannie Mae is implementing a monthly parking charge for contractors associated with the various Fannie Mae Campuses.

Who is a contractor?
A contractor is designated as an employee who does not directly work for Fannie Mae, but works for a secondary entity at the various Fannie Mae Virginia Campuses.

Why the change?
Due to the increased employment, parking is at a premium. Contractors who are not direct employees of Fannie Mae are being charged to ensure that there is sufficient parking for all Fannie Mae employees and visitors.

What is different for contractors?
Contractors who wish to park will now be required to pay a monthly fee of $75.00. With this payment, the contractor will be granted access to a preassigned garage that coincides with the facility in which they work.

How does a contractor sign up for monthly parking?
A contractor may sign up on the Colonial Parking website dedicated to Fannie Mae, Virginia campuses,

1) Select the location where you are assigned

2) Click the blue Apply for Monthly under the description of the location

3) Complete the online monthly application in full. Please select May 1, 2015 as your start date. Complete the Colonial Parking Autopay® form.

What is the Colonial Parking Autopay System?
We have automated our payment process to improve your overall customer experience. All online applications will be automatically enrolled in the Colonial AutoPay Program. Under our AutoPay Program, monthly parking payments are automatically charged to the credit card you used to apply. This charge will take effect on the first business day of each month. Your account will also be set up on e-invoice, which means your receive an email each month with your invoice details.

What happens next?
Once your application is received and processed, you will get a confirmation email that will include your Colonial Parking monthly account number. Your first monthly fee will be charged immediately. You will receive a window cling in the color designating your specified parking facility.

Where on the vehicle does the window cling attached?
The window cling should be attached the lower driver side windshield interior.

Why is the window cling important?
The cling allows Fannie Mae and Colonial Parking to audit the garage to ensure there is ample parking for those who are intended to park in the specified lot. If your vehicle does not have a cling or the incorrect cling, your vehicle is subject to a warning ticket, followed by threat of towing.

What if I forget my credentials?
Although we encourage every vehicle to have a window cling, we understand that things happen? If you drive a different car or simply forget the cling on a given day, we ask that you contact the onsite parking staff who will take down you name and make a note of your vehicle.

Who do I contact with questions?
In regards to monthly contract parking, please contact Colonial Parking’s Customer Care Department at 202-295-8100.

Again, thank you for your patience during the transition and if have any questions please contact the Colonial® Senior Operations Manager, Joe Costello at or 202.295.8128.

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